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The Principals of Proper Movement  POPM™

Having studied swimming for several years, a gap in teaching techniques was noticed.  While swimmers were able to learn how to swim, it took too long and didn't promote efficiency.  In 1993 we began focussing on the Principals of Proper Movement™ or POPM™.  By breaking swimming down into easy to learn components and taking each component and making it a building block to grow on, the results have been tremendous.  Teaching proper kicking, balance, arm movements and timing for the four strokes, has left all of our swimmers with a better swimming foundation in a shorter period of time.  Coupled with our fun, positive environment, over 125 000 participants have used this program to develop their swimming ability.

We look forward to speaking with to answer any questions you may have.  Give us a call to learn more.  403-899-SWIM

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