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Not only do we have small class sizes that allow us to customize our lessons according to your needs, our program teaches the Principals Of Proper Movement™, which allow swimmers to learn the proper bio mechanical movements to swim smoother with less effort in a fun and innovative environment.  This allows the swimmer to be much safer in the water and learn how to swim or improve their technique in a shorter amount of time. Should you choose to become a lifeguard, pursue swimming as a sport or just want to be really competent at swimming, you will gather all the skills needed with us. 

Our sessions run once a week for seven weeks.

  • H2O SWIM KIDS level 1 to 5 are private 20 minute classes.

  • H2O SWIM KIDS level 6 is a 30 minute semi private class.

  • H2O SWIM PRO levels 1 to 10 are 30 minute classes, maximum of 3 in a class.

  • 30 minute private for H2O SWIM PRO levels are available upon request.

Below is a list of the class equivalents in our program. Please note, we do not restrict kids because of their age.  If a child is able to do the skills, we will not hold them back to the level based on their age.  Kids learn at different rates and some are natural swimmers.  


Auburn Height Retirement Residence

21 Auburn Bay St SE,

Calgary, AB T3M 2A9


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